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Social Cues: "Social cues serve several purposes in social interactions that help to clarify people's meanings and intentions. Cues help provide clues as to whether or not one is being accepted or rejected by those around them. They also provide more information about a person, group or interaction that allow for a higher degree of intimacy and quality of contact. One of the most important impacts of cues on social interactions is the reduction of ambiguity."

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Social City Consulting reintroduces the passion and excitement that is the initial driving force of success for every organization. Our Agency has compiled a team of Digital Marketing Experts that are extremely passionate about the Media and Marketing Industries. From breathtaking Photographers and Videographers, to detail oriented Graphic and Web Designers, Social City Consulting is there every step of the way representing your Brand's image, naturally.

Social City Consulting is your one stop weekly blog for all things design, marketing and source for the overall mindset of #TheHustlers and #TheNaturalExperts. We love to stay in touch, but even more than that, we love to share our tips and tricks of the trade. Tune in weekly over your Sunday morning coffee and keep up with Social City Consulting.

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